Bar & Bat Mitzvah Venue in Northern Virginia

Elegant Setting for Bar & Bar Mitzvahs of Any Size!   

Your son or daughter is about to enter the teen years.  That, alone, is bittersweet.  Not a child, but not so much an adult either.  With the teen years limits get tested, heartbreaks happen, and yet, you’re filled with a sense of pride only a parent knows, as you watch the transformation from child to adult. 

Your sense of pride in your child is nothing new.  He or she has been gearing up for this coming-of-age for years, and so have you.  In the Jewish Faith, this monumental mile-marker of responsibility is called a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  This long-respected and observed tradition of faith and culture is, rightfully, cause for celebration. 

For those looking to commemorate your child’s advancement into the adult ways of the faith, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party is essential.  In recent years, venues for such a celebration have been hotel ballrooms and catering halls.  But today’s Bat and Bar Mitzvah venue in Northern Virginia needs to be a destination in itself-a place your guests will enjoy and remember, long after the feast is over.  

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Beauty and Convenience Make Create the Ideal Location 

Rose Hill Manor is the ideal Bat and Bar Mitzvah venue in Northern Virginia.  As a historic manor home set among the verdant rolling hills of Leesburg, Rose Hill manor provides a lovely backdrop for a worthy celebration.  Located less than an hour from Washington, DC, Rose Hill Manor is accessible for all of your guests. 


Your Party, Your Style

You can choose from three distinctive areas of this exquisite and historic Bat or Bar Mitzvah venue in Northern Virginia.  Appointed in the authentic period pieces of colonial times, yet with all the comforts of modern day,  Rose Hill Manor transports you and your guests to a realm of dignity and grace. 

From casual elegance to formal black-tie, this Bat and Bar Mitzvah venue in Northern Virginia has it all. 

  • The Grand Ballroom: The Grand Ballroom, a glorious sweep of elegance and charm, displays the sparkling chandeliers and 24’ ceilings in style.  Perfect for larger parties, your guests can mingle inside, or spill out onto the vast patio, for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, as you celebrate the coming-of-age of the guest of honor.   
  • The Small Ballroom: The Small Ballroom is equal in elegance and style, yet most accommodating to a smaller guest list.  Gaze out the expanse of windows and onto the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.  Strike up the band, or DJ and invite your friends and family to hit the dance floor.  This is a celebration your guests will treasure. 
  • The Entrance Hall: The Entrance Hall is ideal for intimate gatherings, should your guest list be family members and a few dear friends and associates.  No less exquisite than the ballrooms, the Entrance Hall is a charming use of space and a worthy Bat or Bar Mitzvah venue in Northern Virginia.   

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To learn more about our party venue or to request a venue tour to help in your bar or bat mitvah panning, contact Rose Hill Manor.  Our events are memories-in-the-making, and such a tradition of faith deserves no less.  

To get a better idea of the space we have available check out our floor plan, our photo gallery, and our e-brochure.