Barn Wedding Alternative in Northern Virginia    

Weddings have changed a lot in just the last decade.  Once upon a time, the ceremony and celebration that followed were fairly matter-of-course, with a nod here and there to the individuality of the couple-unique cake-toppers, heirloom accessories, spirited toasts. For the most part, weddings were a joyous celebration but not all that different from one another in venue, or theme.

Today’s wedding is as unique as the couple being joined.  From farm-to-table menus, to burlap table runners, to sipping the first toast from a mason jar, weddings are no longer necessarily fussy affairs where black tie is the rule.  A casual approach and a memorably fun time is de rigueur for today’s wedding couple.

The Rustic Appeal of a Rural Farm Paired With Unbridled Elegance

Without a doubt, one of the most popular wedding venues trending now is the barn venue.  For those who want casual elegance and rustic charm, this homespun setting seems to be the ideal place to pledge your eternal love.  Wedding pictures on popular websites such as Pinterest, seem to underscore this trend.  A loving couple walking hand-in-hand through a pasture, a wildflower bouquet casually held to the side, while livestock graze on a distant hill.

It’s easy to see why the barn wedding is so attractive to many a couple.  However, this bucolic backdrop does come at the expense of some amenities and conveniences for your guests and wedding party.  Portable restrooms, pesky insects, and the weather can lend a not-so-pleasant air to your uniquely primitive wedding venue.  

Also, many barn venues don’t offer a back-up plan, should the weather be less than cooperative. A mosquito feeding-frenzy, a leaking roof, and less-than-pleasant conditions can send your guests running for their cars and the comfort of home.   Even the most carefully planned barn wedding comes with too much risk to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.


Rustic Elegance/ Modern Convenience

Rose Hill Manor can provide all of the burlap-elegance of a barn venue, with none of the risks.  You can exchange your vows on our enchanting patio, the blue ridge mountains in the distance.  Rolling green pastures and 23 acres of lush Virginia countryside captivate your guests in this private setting.  

Have your reception in one of the ballrooms, or opt for the outside patio, a large and accommodating space.  The second floor mezzanine has two private sitting rooms, with restrooms, ideal for pre-ceremony prep for the wedding party.  Best of all, this gorgeous Jeffersonian manor home offers a comfortable setting with modern conveniences, ensuring everyone’s comfort.

Request a Venue Tour

So much goes into a wedding-money, time and the desire for a perfect day.  Don’t risk your wedding day.  You can have your homespun barn-style wedding and all the charm of a country setting, with the convenience and elegance of Rose Hill Manor. Our pastoral setting evokes a casually elegant ambiance just right for your special celebration.  Contact Rose Hill Manor to find out more about your ideal venue.

To get a better idea of the space we have available check out our floor plan, our photo gallery, and our e-brochure.