Pros and Cons of a Vineyard Wedding

Celebrating your wedding in a vineyard setting seems a lovely choice.  The sun sets golden over lush vine covered rows of grapes, as the two of you take your vows, surrounded by friends and family.  As the bridal party is whisked away for pictures against this glorious backdrop, your guests meander the grounds, enjoying a glass of wine and nibbling on perfectly paired canapés.

A vineyard venue is a popular choice for many of today’s wedding couples for these very reasons.  When all goes according to your expectations, it can, and will be a memorable event.  However, it’s more common than not that events fall short of perfection, and your vineyard wedding won’t be without some setbacks.  Take a look at the list of reasons a vineyard wedding is a wonderful option, and those equally-compelling reasons why this venue may be an invitation to tempt fate.

Why Choose a Vineyard Venue?

Stunning Photo-Ops-What can be more striking than the rows and rows of vines, leading to your ceremony site?  A vineyard can provide breathtaking backdrops for your precious wedding pictures. Bear in mind, this is a vineyard in operation, however, and plan accordingly. Some growers prefer not to have weddings take place at peak harvest time.

Charm and Elegance-Very few wedding venues project the rustic charm and casual elegance of a vineyard.  Though not for those who desire a formal wedding, a vineyard wedding is slightly more polished and refined than a field-and-farm venue.

The Wine-For the wedding couple who enjoys a good glass of vino, a vineyard venue serves as the ideal spot.  Not only are the wines typically very good, but the vineyard as a theme, can reflect your shared interests and passion. 

Reasons to Consider Other Venues

Cost - Serving as a wedding venue is secondary to producing wine for a vineyard.  Closing the vineyard to the general public can potentially be a big hit to their revenue, resulting in higher venue rental fees than you will sometimes see at venues that specialize only in event rentals with no retail component.

Bar - Most vineyards are not set up, nor licensed, to serve hard alcohol.  If you want something in addition to wine served at your wedding, reconsider this venue.

Noise Ordinances - In the rural areas surrounding most vineyards, there may be a noise ordinance, which could end your party as early as 10:00 pm.  Make sure to inquire about area ordinances.  

Limited Weather Options - Check out the options available for you and your guests, in case of foul weather.  Is there an aesthetically pleasing location where you and your guests can enjoy dinner, and dancing?  Or would you be escorted to a less pleasant location, for makeshift accommodations?

Rose Hill Manor -- A Vineyard-Like Setting Without the Vineyard

Rose Hill Manor, in Leesburg, Virginia, can provide many of that which makes vineyard weddings so desirable, yet with all of the comforts of a traditional venue.  Our lush, rolling grounds are gorgeous, creating a perfect ambience for an outdoor ceremony, complete with the backdrop of the serene natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains-ideal for memorable photographs.

In the case of inclement weather, our ballrooms, and Entrance Hall can accommodate your guests in comfort and elegance.  You choose your own caterer, florist, and decorations, giving you the freedom to make your day truly unique, as special as your love.  

To find out more about creating your perfect day, with all of the benefits of a vineyard, and none of the risks of a multi-tasked venue, contact Rose Hill Manor today.  We vow to make your wedding the day of your dreams.