Vineyard Wedding in Northern Virginia    

Thanks to Pinterest, wedding websites, and a whole lot of creative party planners, there are countless ways to design a wedding-from ceremony to send off-that make a memorable event truly your own.  Reciting your vows in the presence of family and friends is the focal point of your wedding day.  But doing so in an impressive setting, with uncommon touches, a menu that reflects your palate, and a celebration that’s yours in every detail, makes your wedding an occasion to remember for years to come.

Any time two people unite in love, creating a foundation for the rest of their lives, it’s a memorable event.  Your union isn’t defined by the venue, nor the flowers, nor the cake.  But, when you host a celebration of your unity, a cookie-cutter wedding just won’t do!  

Your Wedding Your Way 

Weddings have moved from the traditional church and reception hall to new, and often unexpected settings.  The mountain-top-at-sunset has evolved into such meaningful locales as historic homesites, local wineries, farms and even some tourist attractions.  Wedding parties and guests have taken over quaint towns and villages all across the country, marrying a special celebration with breathtaking scenery, in unique places.   

For a setting that offers the distinctive beauty of a boutique vineyard-private estate grounds, breathtaking views of the meandering hillside, blue ridge mountains in the distance-and the freedom to frame the day in a personal way, choose Rose Hill Manor in colonial Leesburg, VA.  Our Jeffersonian manor home, set amidst 23 lush acres, is the ideal canvas on which to paint your perfect day, without the impediments of a working winery. 

We have three distinct areas in which to host your celebration.  From the opulent Grand Ballroom to the slightly scaled-down Small Ballroom, to the more intimate Entrance Hall, your wedding will reflect your taste and style.  Your ceremony, and reception can take place on the patio, as you incorporate Rose Hill’s gorgeous grounds.  It’s all up to you. 


Rustic Charm Meets Elegance

At Rose Hill Manor, we encourage you to be the architects of your own wedding.  Unlike the typical vineyard wedding, we allow you to choose your own vendors.  From florist, to caterer, to the wine that is poured for your first toast, Rose Hill manor wants you in control.  There are countless decisions involved in planning a wedding, but the most important choices are the personal preferences that make your occasion significant.  You don’t want those options left to just anyone.  

Request a Venue Tour

Vineyard weddings are a popular choice today, no doubt. But, you do lose some of the privacy and sanctity your commitment deserves when you opt for a one-size-fits-all venue.   If you want the independence and control to create a reflection of your personality as a couple, choose Rose Hill Manor for your ceremony and celebration.  The grounds are private, the elegance is guaranteed, and the focus is on you and your celebration.  Contact Rose Hill Manor today and make your wedding about you.

To get a better idea of the space we have available check out our floor plan, our photo gallery, and our e-brochure.