Rose Hill Manor - A Historic Manor in Northern Virginia

The area around our nation’s capitol is rife with history.  In northern Virginia,  Early American and Southern Colonial styles of architecture and design are popular and showcased at every turn.  You can tour some of the most elegant homes in the history of the United States and never leave northern Virginia.  

Just like Monticello and Poplar Forest, both breathtaking examples of the Jeffersonian era, many of the regions loveliest historic homes are on display for your enjoyment.  These charming abodes can offer so much inspiration.  From the decor to the gardens, the style of manors in and around northern Virginia has been repeated through the decades.  

The classic historic manor in northern Virginia is typically Jeffersonian in style, with columned entryways and arched porticos, deep red brick, surrounded by lush, rolling grounds and gardens.  Whether an architectural original or a replicated home, paying homage to the genteel style, Jeffersonian architecture is synonymous with the mid-Atlantic region of the late 1700’s.  Moreover, the area which is now Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. 

Authentic Historic Jeffersonian Style Venue

As a venue for weddings, corporate and social events, manor homes in the region are gaining in popularity.  When you host your gathering in a Virginia manor home, you’re sure to gain kudos for your sense of style.  Large, impressive entryways leading to chandelier-adorned grand ballrooms, with Palladian windows looking out onto breathtaking countryside is the pinnacle of prestige for partygoers and event attendees.  

Manor homes in Virginia also incorporate the outdoors.  The gracious aesthetic of the home easily flows out onto a patio, where guests can enjoy the view, and get reacquainted.  From the days of Thomas Jefferson to today, residents of the Old Dominion have proudly shown off our natural beauty.  

The Perfect Mix of Style and Elegance

Of course, finding a manor home which incorporates all of these characteristics, and is offered for private use, can be difficult.  Many of the area’s manor homes are privately owned, or not available for weddings, private parties, and such.  Still others may capture some of the elegance, but not offer the full package of stunning manor home, and exquisite landscaping, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns.  

Rose Hill Manor, in historic Leesburg, showcases all of the historic and classic elements of a true Jeffersonian home.  We can tailor our northern Virginia manor home to meet your specific needs, no matter the size of your guest list.  Our venue is tucked off the road, set amidst 23 beautiful acres of prime Blue Ridge property.  From our gracefully columned entryway, to our sprawling patio (the largest in the state!), your guests will be charmed and impressed.  And what a romantically classic backdrop for your event.

Request a Private Tour of Our Historic Manor Today

At Rose Hill Manor, our events are memorable, creating impressions that last a lifetime.  Your wedding, bar-mitzvah, or corporate gathering will take place in a setting that’s far more than simply a venue.   Contact Rose Hill Manor and get ready to transport your guests to a time of elegance and grace.