Common Mistakes When Selecting a Wedding Venue

You may have found the wedding venue that suits both your dreams and bank account, but there are a few other matters that need not be overlooked before you book.  Some of the most common mistakes couples make when choosing a wedding venue can create anything from an inconvenience for the guests to a total logistical nightmare, and make your wedding celebration memorable for all the wrong reasons.


  • Location - Whether you’ve opted for a destination wedding, or you’ve decided to host your festivities closer to home, location is key. Is the venue easy to find? Make sure all of your guests can find their way to your wedding venue, and don’t assume. If possible, make a dry run yourselves and note any landmarks that could help guests find their way. Be sure to include directions in with your invitations.  
  • Accessibility - For out-of-town guests, make sure your venue choice is accessible from the airport, the nearest hotels, and not off the beaten path. Many couples opt for Friday evening weddings. If your wedding is on a Friday, consider local rush hour traffic. Perhaps opt for a later start time to accommodate those who will be traveling through otherwise congested areas of town.  Take stock of the on-site parking, and, if necessary, make arrangements with a shuttle service to take your guests to and from a central location.
  • Style - Your wedding venue says as much about the style of your wedding as your attire. If you’re hosting a black-tie affair, having your ceremony in a field in July isn’t the best choice for you or your guests. Likewise, many more formal venues, such as country clubs and upscale hotels, wouldn’t be a practical venue for boots and denim. Go online and find photographers who’ve posted photos of previous weddings at your venue.
  • Guest Count -Your guest list will dictate the size of your venue. A small, intimate wedding can have all of the opulence and grandeur of a royal fete, given the right venue.  Likewise, a large guest list can be accommodated in a way that is both elegant and relaxed, where guests can mingle and spend time reminiscing. Consider your guests and their comfort, as well as your own, when choosing your wedding venue.
  • Weather -For the bridal couple whose perfect day includes an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour, or dancing on the patio, weather is a key concern. While it’s impossible to force mother nature’s cooperation, you can make sure your venue provides accommodations for inclement weather.  In the summer, canopies and umbrella tables can help screen your guests from harsh sun, and fans can keep the moving when the heat and humidity are too much.  Consider a sunset wedding with a celebration in the cooler part of the day. 
  • Professional Help -Check to ensure the type of help you’ll receive from the venue. Will you have assistance every step of the way, or do you just have help on the “day of”?  This is important to know ahead of time, especially if the venue isn’t close to your home. You’ll need “boots on the ground” to prevent any snafus leading up to the day of your perfect celebration.

Selecting a wedding venue is about so much more than simply finding a place to get married.  At Rose Hill Manor, we can put all of your concerns to rest.  Your day should be a beautiful celebration of the two of you and the beginning of your life together. Leave nothing to chance and look at every possible scenario when choosing your venue. You want your day to be memorable, for all the right reasons.