Wedding Vendor Selection Tips

There comes a point in the planning that every bridal couple begins to feel as thought they’re putting together a championship team. Choosing the vendors who will play a big role in your special day is no easy task. By following a few simple tips, you can be sure the team of vendors you’ve chosen for your wedding celebration will lead you to victory. Or at least a perfect wedding day!

By now, you’ve already selected your venue, so you have an idea of what kinds of vendor services you’ll need. Some wedding venues provide caterers, set ups, bartenders, and servers.  Other venues offer you more control.

Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

The more vendors you need, the more likely it is that you’ll need to hire a wedding planner. This is especially true for those couples planning a destination, or out-of-town wedding. You can ask your wedding venue for referrals, or find a list on one of the online wedding sites. Meet with a few different planners, if possible. Not everyone is a good fit, and you don’t want a planner you don’t feel you can approach with your wants and concerns.

Attend Bridal Shows

Once you’ve chosen your wedding planner, begin attending every single bridal fair and industry event you can possibly find. And don’t worry-you will get inundated with invitations to bridal fairs as soon as you change your Facebook status!  Take your fiancé, or someone whose opinion you value, with you. Caterers, bakeries, florists, photographers, and any other vendor essential to your perfect day, will attend these functions. Bridal fairs are the best place to start your search for the ideal vendor.

Don't Discount New Businesses

Don’t rule out startups. Very often the new-kid-on-the-block is the most eager and willing to do just about anything to get your business. You can set up a tasting with the bakery, or the caterer to make sure they have a worthy product, or ask the photographer for an engagement session prior to contracting with them for your wedding photos. Visit the florist and ask the makeup and hair artists for an “audition”.

Go With the Best in Budget

Budget is important, but don’t try to go “on the cheap”. Go with the best you can afford.  Should you ask for a quote from the caterer and it comes back slightly out of your league, ask for a discount. But, never ask for a discount up front. This is the vendors’ livelihood and you don’t want to offend anyone.

Face to Face With Vendors Before Choosing

It’s important to meet your vendors face-to-face, or at least over Skype. You want to get a feel for who these people are and whether you can feel comfortable working together. Will they listen to you and hear what you’re saying, or are they dismissive, and overbearing? These are traits that can’t be sensed over text or emails.

Do Your Due Diligence

Finally, because you’ve started the process early enough, you can take your time and do some homework. Interview the most sought-after vendors and compare what you see with those who may be just starting out. Taste the options for catering from several different chefs, and bakers, go hear the bands and DJ’s, and ask each vendor for referrals. Follow up with their previous clients, google them, look for reviews.

Need Recommendations?

Accept nothing less than vendors whose goal is to make your day perfect. Rose Hill Manor can recommend proven vendors in the Leesburg area, and will be happy to provide you with a list, upon request. Choose vendors dedicated to your social day. After all, your dream wedding begins with a dream team.